Baseline Matcha

A fictional
Matcha range’s
branding & packaging design

Baseline Matcha is a health and lifestyle brand. 

The name Baseline reflects the unique qualities of matcha; a beverage that is both energizing and calming. Providing a slower release and more sustained level of energy while taking care of the body. In other words, it brings you back to your baseline. 

This duality can be seen again in the logo which uses two different styles of lettering. 

The line carries a range of different blends and single-origin matcha powders. Each product has a slight variation in packaging to emphasize their difference and make them more easily recognizable from one another.

Trace your fingers along the tactile embossed lines while taking in the smell of your new daily ritual.

Baseline Matcha packaging design featuring three soft green tea boxes. Each has an embossed pattern inspired by zen gardens.
Baseline Matcha packaging design
Baseline Matcha packaging design
Baseline Matcha logo design and branding

The clean and minimal branding, taking inspiration from Kyoto gardens and Tokyo coffee shops, will appeal to both seasoned matcha devotees as well as coffee drinkers looking to change things up.