Packaging is crucial for any goods-based business. It shows how much love and care goes into a business. It shows how much you value and respect your customer. Whether they are part of your community whose voice and experience matter. Or if they are just a means to an end. A quick way to make money.

But packaging can also be wasteful. Especially as retail moves online more and more. And products might be sent back and forth a few times before they find the customer who was always meant to own them. The outer mailer is more often than not merely a sacrificial layer anyway. Protector of the keepsake dustbag or box. So why not reuse it?

Sending a worn box out for a second, third, fourth journey (or repurposing one from a supplier) might seem risky. Look careless. Which got me thinking about ways to give an old worn box back a touch of respect and dignity. A way for the box to say “I don’t care less, I care more.”

Onwards is a series of packaging solutions to make customers look at their dinged-up parcel with tenderness. And to make shopping online a little more eco-friendly.

repurposed box label - onwards
repurposed box tape - onwards
repurposed box packaging solutions - onwards