Comilona Food Truck

A fictional food truck serving tapas style mediterranean cuisine made to share

Comilona came to life as a sort of “design therapy” if you will. Two years of living in a global pandemic has been hard on us all. As the world is slowly starting to resemble life as we once knew it, dreaming up a business that embodies all we missed out on felt right. A traveling culinary experience that invites you to linger and share.

Comilona is Spanish for a feast, spread, an abundance of food but can also be translated to wallowing. All of which seemed wholly appropriate.

The minimal design uses honeydew as a base colour. It’s a soothing, calm base with a cheerful undertone. The large cutout figures in terracotta and Matisse blue take you straight to the med while making the truck easy to spot in a market or busy street.

Huddle on the sidewalk or gather in the park and join the feast!

Comilona Food Truck and tapas cafe
Comilona Food Truck and tapas cafe tote merchandise
Comilona Food Truck and tapas cafe tissue paper pattern