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Boat Names Australia is the online shopping destination selling everything you need to customize your boat. They have a DIY design tool where you put together your own boat name as well as stripes and graphics.

The website needed to move away from the soon to be obsolete Business Catalyst platform it was using and was in need of a makeover in both design and functionality. The client and I settled on WordPress and WooCommerce as the new eCommerce platform. Since WordPress is an open-source platform, it allowed for easy integration of the third party custom-built design tool.
It also eliminated the need for a large number of redirects, which slow down sites, with greater control of URL customization compared to other eCommerce platforms.

The client was after a site with a clean and modern look, but not too stuffy or serious. The emphasis was on a fast website built with good SEO practices to increase search engine ranking which is how most customers found the site.

Logo, color palette and images supplied by the client.

Boat Names Australia Web Development